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CPR Certification Classes

Welcome to CPR Training Academy®! We are the premier provider of CPR certification classes in Las Vegas. We offer Adult, Child, and Infant CPR certification classes as well as defibrillator classes. Weekday, weekend, and night classes are available! We can also conduct CPR classes at your facility. Private group classes are available at our classroom. Our instructors are all nationally certified in all aspects of CPR certification. Call us at 702-664-1173 with any questions!

Class Schedule & Cost

CPR Certification Classes are held in Las Vegas every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00pm. Our location is at Rancho & Craig. The cost is $50. The class is approximately 3 hours. The class follows the subject matter as outlined by the American Heart Association. Upon completing the class, you will receive your CPR certification card immediately over the counter. Seats are limited – reservations required. [CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT]

CPR certification classes

Our CPR classroom

We would love you see you in our next CPR certification class! You can reserve your seat online now or if you have questions give us a call at 702-664-1173. Our classes are tailored for persons with no prior CPR experience, especially for those who need CPR for employment reasons. The classes combine both lecture and hands-on formats using CPR manikins. The lecture part of class will detail the history, technique, and proper use of CPR. Students will then have the ability to practice CPR on manikins that mimic actual human reaction to chest compressions and breathing. [CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT]

Who Needs CPR Certification?

  • School Teachers
  • Daycare employees
  • Swimming Pool Staff
  • Casino Employees
  • Security Guards
  • All members of the public too!
CPR Certification Card

CPR Certification Card

CPR certification class location

If you Have Any Questions Call Us at 702-664-1173